CONVET LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. it has the analytical to the control of raw materials and piensos services  with the purpose of evaluating the parameters microbiological physical-chemistries and in all process of production, assuring that the quality of the product fulfills the demanded requirements, assuring and guaranteeing so much the inocuidad as the quality of the end item.

The totality of the tests is carried out by means of standardized procedures of work validated from official methods and/or recommendations of international organisms (ISO, AFNOR, AOAC…) specific for each type of matrix.

Our analytical service is put under rigorous systems of internal control under protocols of verification of results and participation in programs of intercalibration credited by ENAC, that allows to guarantee the exactitude, precision and quality us of our analytical service.

With the objective to extend our supply of analytical services, CONVET, it proposes an exchange of information, with the purpose of destining our efforts to the implantation of new techniques to give answer to the future necessities of the sector.