For 30 years CONVET,S.L. offers its services to  clinical veterinarians  in order to collaborate in the diagnosis of the pathologies animals, making its available our human equipment  along with specialized the vanguard technologies, that allow  to obtain fast and trustworthy results.

The study of the clinical case begins by one anamnesis  of the operation, to structure clinical file. We do not have to forget that this file becomes a tool that can provide an excellent information to us  for the final diagnosis from the pathology to study.

The Inmunología, Microbiology, Parasitology, Virology, Molecular Biology and Hematology departments propose a large range of analytical determinations to carry out the different profiles diagnoses, by means of population and individual monitoreos.  We worked for the detection of tie pathologies to the livestock farm operations and control of the animals destined to export.

Our fundamental objective is the detection and prevention, for it we along with worked the companies of the sector in exhaustive  plans  of bioseguridad that guarantees  correct sanitation and hygienic status of our agricultural-cattle companies.