CONVET LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. like accredited laboratory by the Catalan Agency of the Water (HERE) it makes the analyses of control and water automatic control for the human consumption. Thus guaranteeing,  the microbiological quality, physical-chemistry and organoléptica of this water. Fulfilling the norms of public health and spills, in the case of water purifiers, helping a  to reduce the industrial contamination, protecting  the health of the people and environment.

According to RD 865/2003 4 of 2003 July, per which the hygienic criteria for the prevention and control of the legionelosis settle down in  tanks, cisterns, wells, evaporativos cooling towers, condensers, conditionned swimming pools, thermal facilities, water systems against fires, sanitary hot water systems (network and deposits, boilers, heaters) and cold water systems of human consumption, (network and deposits). CONVET LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. it offers the analysis and control of legionella to guarantee the fulfillment of the legal norm.
According to the Real Decree 140/2003 that it intends to establish the sanitary criteria that must fulfill the waters of human consumption and the facilities which they allow to its provision from the pick up to the faucet of the consumer and the control of these, guaranteeing its salubrity, quality and cleaning, with the purpose of protecting the health of the people of the adverse effects derived from any type of contamination of waters.

To the effects of this disposition it will be understood by:

Water of human consumption:

a) All those waters, either in its original state, or after the treatment, used to drink, to cook, to prepare foods, personal hygiene and for other domestic, whichever it is its origin and independently of which they are provided to the consumer through public or deprived networks of distribution, of cisterns, deposits public or deprived uses.

b) All those waters used in the nourishing industry for manufacture aims, treatment, conservation or commercialization of products or substances destined to the human consumption, as well as to the used ones in the cleaning of the surfaces, objects and materials that can be in contact with the enemy with foods.

c) All those waters provided for human consumption like part of a commercial or public activity, independently of the average volume daily of provided water.

Supplying: installation kit for the water pick up, conduction, treatment of purification of the same one, storage, transport and distribution of the water of human consumption until the attacks of the consumers, with the anticipated dowry and quality in this disposition.

Water destined to the water production of human consumption: those waters that, independently of their origin, undergo or not a treatment, are going to be used for the human consumption.

Natural source: the pick up nonused with commercial and not connected aims to deposits, cisterns or networks of distribution.

Point of sampling: the place for the taking of water samples of human consumption for the control of the quality of this one.

Parametric value: the maximum or minimum level fixed for each one of the parameters to control.

Result: the quantified value of a parameter with a method of concrete and expressed test in the units fixed to the annexed I.

Plaguicida: the insecticides, organic herbicidas, fungicidas, nematocidas, acaricidas, alguicidas, rodenticidas, molusquicidas, metabolitos, products of degradation or reaction and the products related like the growth regulators.

Substance: all product (substance or prepared) that is added to the used water that is in its purification or improves, as well as the used ones for the cleaning of surfaces, equipment, containers or utensils that are in contact with the enemy with the water of human consumption. To this end they are divided in the following groups:

a) Disinfectants for water: products used for the disinfection of the water of human consumption.

b) Disinfectants for surfaces: products used for the disinfection of equipment, containers, utensils for the consumption, surfaces or pipes related to the production, transport, storage and distribution of the water of human consumption.

c) Alguicidas and antiincrustantes: products that eliminate or prevent the development of seaweed in the water destined to the production of the water of human consumption or have antiincrustante action or disincrustant.

d) Other substances: all product that is not including in the previous sections.

Station of potable water treatment (ETAP): set of processes of treatment of purification located before the distribution network and/or deposit, that contains more units than the disinfection.