CONVET S.L. serves its customers through an analytical service, in accordance with the regulatory technical specifications of food products, to ensure the quality of products produced, processed and marketed, as well as quality control of suppliers.

We can guarantee food security through shared responsibility with all those who are related to food, from professionals to consumers. Should establish different procedures and control mechanisms throughout the food chain, to ensure that food reaching the consumer, they are fit for consumption, reducing the risks of contamination, so that people can benefit from healthy and quality food.

Analytical tests follow a careful protocol and sampling process, the result of a previous diagnosis of the company and health and hygiene audit, prepared by our technical team.


  • Protect the health of consumers.
  • Ensure product quality.
  • Controlling and enforce best practices in food handling.
  • Prevent possible risks.
  • Ensure proper compliance with the current legislation of both the nutritional value and microbiological parameters of food.
  • Keep continuous training of qualified technical staff of the food business.