The implementation of systems, quality management, has become a demand required for most companies to demonstrate proper methodology and competitiveness, covered by the relevant certification.

The quality management is a key process that seeks continuous improvement through resource optimization, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

CONVET S.L. has a team of consultants and independent technical experts in the implementation of management systems. From our department advisory and consulting adapt our knowledge to each type of company.

CONVET S.L. provides its guests an ongoing counseling, to maintain effective and continuous improvement of its quality system in order to overcome efficiently, internal audits, which are the necessary tool to demonstrate compliance with the requirements standards required by the implanted. Our goal is to support agriculture and livestock management, advisory totas the needs that may arise, supporting technical and companies.

Our consulting department provides method and systematization in the development of:

  • Environmental sampling plans
  • Development of tutorials transport biosecurity and livestock farms, study and development of memories of excretion plans
  • Monitoring field trials
  • Classroom interventions sampling casting, for notarial custody and counter-test

CONVET S.L. offers from its department of “advisory and consulting” management of food safety.

Our objective is:

  • Ensure food safety
  • Monitor and enforce best practices in food handling
  • Give an answer to all the requirements and technical needs – legal
  • Protect the health of consumers

Our lines of work are:

  • Study of the organization
  • Preparation of a development plan of rules
  • Implementation of specific quality standards for each type of company
  • Staff training
  • Control suppliers
  • Internal audits
  • Monitoring results

The audit team is available to food operators to provide immediate solutions to all legislative needs that may arise. For example, exports to third countries and advice on technical and administrative inspections.

“We offer a quality advice in all our services to enhance the comprehensive management in the food industry.”