CONVET, S.L. next to veterinary, farming, industrial and food sector, it has been working since 1989, in the laboratorial diagnosis and the prevention, so that the productive process of our clients fulfills  with the requirements  and needs that the markets and consumers demand.

In this line of constant overcoming  and enterprise growth, always we have gone accompanied by our clients, with whom have harnessed one  continuous feedback, being this, our added value.

Guaranteed by a policy of renewed quality, always taking care of the requirements that presents/displays the reality of the sector and fruit of the relation with our clients, we are convinced that the growth of CONVET, S.L. it must to the effort and illusion of our human equipment, to the personal bet by  affluent work done and by the commitment of the company in the improvement  of the health animal and the alimentary security.

The attention to small and great details, leads to us towards a continuous improvement, that we used like tool, to approach us a common project.

“The guarantee of  Quality”

Our policy of quality  it defines to us:

To maintain and to surpass the expectations that our clients have deposited in us. For it we tried to demonstrate our dynamism  to offer the best service to the suitable price. Empathize with the economic partner reality of the sector and to try to position to us like laboratory of reference in he himself. To have highly qualified staff and equipment and infrastructures that guarantee the highest quality of our sevicios.

To increase the degree of satisfaction of the client, providing analytical services and of consultancy, in agreement with the requirements, technological specifications and rules established by  the legal directives, of forced fulfillment.

To maintain the highest quality and confidentiality in  our services, with the purpose of satisfying the necessities with our clients.

To direct our efforts, a to foment the formation of our human equipment, working in the improvement of the technical competitions, to obtain our objectives.

To favor the personal overcoming and to foment the acceptance of the commitment, to obtain common goals.

To favor the implication of the staff in the system of quality management, optimizing at any moment, the advantage of the resources available, maximizing the exactitude and precision of our results.

To develop to the critical capacity and the spirit of personal improvement, from all our team.

  • To assure reliability and quality of our service.
  • The customer loyalty confidence of our clients.
  • Formation and professionalism of the equipment and human.
  • Commitment of improvement it continues.
  • Honesty and transparency in the service.
  • To guarantee independence of our services.
  • To contribute added value to the companies.
  • Capacity to offer integral service.
  • Capacity of answer fast and effective.
  • Customized treatment with our clients.
  • To bet by flexibility and dynamism in the work.
  • Technical innovation  and maintenance of the excellence of our analytical services.
  • Customized service.